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The technological forces below insurance evolution

Today "the result" is shaped through a convergence of technological forces: analytics, social business, cloud, mobility and cyber security. These technologies are transforming everything in their paths. Indeed, the "Digital Era" is changing our lives.

The forces of pervasive digitalization move us inexorably towards greater linkage between the physical and digital universe in both technological and social terms.

Every day we spend part of our time working or entertaining ourselves in the digital universe and the amount of traces we leave in the digital universe increases every minute. These "Digital footprints" have increased significantly due to the growth in personal or consumer-facing identities. As a result, there are an overwhelming number of personas, attributes and relationships that could potentially be managed under a single digital identity.

Moreover, sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects - from roadways to pacemakers - are linked through wired and wireless networks, often using the same Internet Protocol (IP) that  connects  the Internet (The Internet of Things).

This "nexus of forces" could be potentially valuable especially for insurers that might have access to a priceless range of information and opportunities.

We would like to give you an insight of the insurance scenario of tomorrow guiding you through predictive models of the future, the big data revolution and their applications in the insurance market. Nevertheless, we do not forget that, as an innovation partner, we should start from a recent research to help out the understanding of the future insurance developments.


Elena Pistone
MKTG & Communication Manager