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Are you ready for the "Big Change"?

Digital business is the creation of new business designs combining the digital and physical worlds, capturing the "Business Moment".

Digital business is impacting an unprecedented convergence of people, business and things, that span multiple industries and multiple ecosystems creating new revenue opportunities.

Digital business is breaking down traditional barriers between industry segments, creating completely new value chains and new business opportunities.

To keep up with this revolution Leading players in the Insurance industry have to rethink the businesses they are in.

But what does this mean to the insurance industry? Which direction should innovation take in order to meet the Digital Natives' needs? And in the new digital world of how can insurers combine innovation with ordinary business?

Insurers want to be more efficient, they want to be reactive in real-time. They need to increase the speed-to-market of their products and respond to market and competitive changes.

They must be ready for the "Big Change".

Targeting RGI Next, shape your business, in this issue of "Inspired by", RGI Group starts to analyze the "Big Change" from different perspectives spanning from processes to assets, keeping in mind that Insurers are in a key position to interact with customers in new and exciting ways. This feeds into the notion of the "always on" customer – a customer who is constantly wanting to be able to interact with brands and companies whenever he feels like it.

Are you ready for the" Big Change"?


Elena Pistone
MKTG & Communication Manager