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How Do You Lead Your Digital Evolution?

Everything changes.

The Digital Era is changing in-depth the society and the business world and even us as individuals are changing. But are you a leader in this digital change? How do you lead your digital evolution?

There is not one answer, because there are a lot of variables and the business maturity level is not homogenous.

As you know, increasing efficiency, effectiveness and ensuring the business growth are always top business priorities for Insurers today. The development of digital technologies and devices like smartphones, tablets, and cloud-based systems are significantly influencing the financial services industry with the consequent need of a different set of skills, culture and measurement.

Business success today requires a customer-focused digital transformation. It starts with prioritizing a superior and relevant customer experience, and committing the organization, processes and technology to power it.

We know that the Digital Insurers must be free to concentrate on distribution, added value services and value chain efficiency. But how? We believe that the answer is a platform that includes:

  • A Business Process Management tool that drives the sales processes and that is specifically designed with an omnichannel approach.
  • A decoupling layer that unties the multichannel front end from the legacy back end systems. The multichannel front end allows the Insurer and its sales partners to work in an easier and shared environment, without having to change the subset of existing systems.
  • A set of digital add ons, such as the paperless, the mobile app and home insurance
  • An extended configurator and rule engine, including the new variables and indexes derived from Big Data, that enables Insurers to perform analysis of customer needs and dynamically create new products.

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