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The digital insurer: welcome to the future

Digital is a major force for disruption in the Insurance Industry and Insurers have now new tools to increase the quality of customer interactions and strengthen customer relationships, in order to achieve a greater operational efficiency and to ensure a better customer experience.

In this scenario, the Insurers are pursuing new and different ways of delivering value, which involves emerging business models, processes, information sources and technologies.

The digital transformation is changing the insurance business and most CIOs both from life and P&C insurers are committed to support the digital transformation of their enterprises.

In Italy, for example, according to the Assintel report 2014 ... Read more.

Elena Pistone
Corporate Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Senior Manager

  • Defining 'Digital Insurance' Beyond the Buzzword
  • Juergen Weiss | Kimberly Harris-Ferrante
  • 29 January 2015
  • In 2011, business users continued to exert significant influence over BI decisions, often choosing data discovery products in addition to/as alternatives to traditional BI tools. An avalanche of new use cases, content types and interaction models expands the scope for tomorrow's BI platforms.

Key Findings

  • Digital insurance has become a catchphrase for a sprawling range of business and IT capabilities, resulting in widespread confusion about what it is and what its impact will be.
  • Many CIOs from life and property and casualty (P&C) insurers are struggling to define purposeful IT strategies that can become catalysts for the digital transformation of their organizations.
  • A common and well-defined understanding of what digital insurance is and how it will contribute to the future success of an insurer — when clearly communicated to business users — is crucial for a sustainable IT strategy.


Insurance CIOs:

  • Collect all the definitions of digital insurance that are circulating in your organization, and work with all business stakeholders to develop a common definition for "digital insurance."
  • Evaluate the maturity of your IT organization's change management capabilities, and designate change agents to promote the digital transformation.

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